sterilization tunnel / for the pharmaceutical industry / depyrogenation

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sterilization tunnel / for the pharmaceutical industry / depyrogenation sterilization tunnel / for the pharmaceutical industry / depyrogenation


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    sterilization, for the pharmaceutical industry, depyrogenation


Dimensions Varies depending on model

Purpose Fully automatic sterilization/depyrogenation tunnels for vials, syringes and ampules
Vial Range 2-100ml
Output Varies depending on model
Changeover Varies depending on model

- SP PennTech is the only manufacturer of continuous processing tunnels in the United States
- In fewer than 30 minutes, an untreated vial goes from vial washer to sterilizing tunnel to cleanroom, entering in a sterilized microorganisms- and pyrogen-free state
- Requires no operator intervention or recontamination
- Typical operating temperature of the tunnel is 320°C
- At this temperature:
- It takes 9.5 seconds to reduce the bacterial endotoxin level by 1-log
- A 4-log reduction will take 38 seconds
- A 6-log reduction in bacterial endotoxin 57 seconds
- Heat is generated by silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) heating elements
- Depending on the format, vials stay inside the sterilizing/depyrogenation chamber for approximately 6-10 minutes
- The recirculated hot air is blown at a speed of approximately 0.7 m/s over the vials and remains within 2°C of its setpoint
- Keeping control over the vials at all times, vials are fed from the vial washer via a sanitary conveyor before gently being pushed into the tunnel by an oscillating pusher
- No format parts are required
- This is essentially a set-it-and-forget-it automatic process
- There are 3 chambers: pre-heating chamber, sterilizing chamber, and cooling chamber