respiratory rate patient monitor / ECG / RESP / TEMP
91389 Qube Mini



  • Measured parameter:

    respiratory rate, ECG, RESP, TEMP, CO2, carbon monoxide, blood pressure, cardiac output, BIS, SpO2, SvO2

  • Applications:

    intensive care, clinical, emergency

  • Configuration:

    compact, portable, modular

  • Other characteristics:

    continuous, wireless, with touchscreen, high-resolution

  • Screen size:

    20.3 cm (8 in)


Continuity of care
With the 91389 Qube® Mini transport patient monitor, there’s no compromising your access to high acuity patient data at the bedside and on the go. Optimized for transport, the Qube Mini ensures an uninterrupted level of vigilance when the patient is most vulnerable. Qube Mini’s large screen size makes patient data readable from the bedside or across the room.
When deployed with the Spacelabs Xhibit Central Station and Intesys Clinical Suite, Qube Mini offers enterprise connectivity to your hospital EMR, ECG management systems, paging systems, and remote access solutions.
Familiar interface and functionality
Caregivers see the same data, presented in the same screens as Spacelabs wall-mounted patient monitors.
Caregivers benefit from a familiar, intuitive user interface.
High acuity data at bedside and throughout transport
Capacity for 11 parameters. For more details on the Spacelabs Clinical Parameters, refer to the Clinical Parameters page.
All waveforms and values are sent to Xhibit central station, XprezzNet, and Clinical Access, whether operating on battery or power supply.
Graphic and tabular trends.
Comprehensive patient data transfer on or off the network.
Optimized for transport
Mini patient monitor is lightweight and rugged to withstand accidental drops, meeting the needs of busy transport and mid-acuity environments. The patent-pending integrated intravenous (IV) pole mount and 8-inch touchscreen display with alarm light delivers vital information where you need it to be, at the bedside or on the go. With wireless networking and an integrated battery, Qube Mini supports transport up to five hours.