UHPLC chromatography pump

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UHPLC chromatography pump UHPLC chromatography pump - SPH1240™


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SPH1240™ UHPLC pumpset
Ultra high pressure pumps enable use of longer columns, higher flow rates and smaller particles. The optimum combination of these parameters may vary largely with the requirements of your assay. So why would you select an UHPLC pump that restricts your options within a limited flow or pressure range? SPH1240™ provides 18,000 psi for the entire range of analytical flow rates. Don’t compromise the potential of UHPLC!

500-18,000 psi up to 5 ml/min
High pressure gradient
Easy adjustment of compressibility compensation
Active piston back wash
Extra solvent selection options for both pumps
Integrated degasser
High pressure gradient - rapid and reproducible
UHPLC promises high séparation speed and resolution. This promise will only be realized. if your UHPLC pump is able to deliver accurate and steep solvent gradients. Only high-pressure solvent mixing can provide such a demanding combination of accurate solvent composition and rapid response. High-pressure gradient delivery from SPH1240™ has been optimized with these demands in mind. Accurate flow delivery combined with dedicated adjustment of mixing volume and compress-ibility compensation guarantee that you get exactly the gradient that you programmed - over and over again.
SPH1240™ complétés the palette for front-end UHPLC With the introduction of the SPH1240™ UHPLC pump. Spark Holland is now able to provide ail components for the configuration of a variety of front-end UHPLC Systems. Learn about our UHPLC compatible autosamplers ALIAS™ and INTEGRITY™ or the MISTRAL™ column oven. Whatever front-end System you configure, you will hâve state-of-the-art technology.

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