monopolar coagulation electrosurgical unit / monopolar cutting / dental / radio frequency



  • Features:

    monopolar coagulation, monopolar cutting

  • Application domain:


  • Type:

    radio frequency

  • Cutting power:

    24 W, 60 W, 75 W

  • Coagulating power:

    24 W, 60 W, 75 W


The non-bleeding interventions - especially the destruction of unwanted tissues, the incision, or various types of electrocoagulation of pathological tissues - are done by the action of high temperature generated by high-frequency electric current that causes the evaporation of cells.

For the electrosurgical interventions in DENTISTRY we particularly recommend our HF/RF Generators:

SMT ElectroDENT 24 - installation the the dentist chair
SMT ElectroDENT 60 - maximum power 60W
SMT ElectroDENT 75 - maximum power 75W

that, in addition to the output INCISION (CUT) enables also COAGULATION and MIXED INCISION (BLEND) in monopolar mode. These HF/RF electrosurgery instruments are equipped with our special loops, balls, or other tools, according to a particular order of the customer (scalpels, needles).