chromatography syringe pump / chemotherapy / enteral nutrition / thalassemia



  • Applications:

    chromatography, chemotherapy, enteral nutrition, thalassemia, for toxicology, for biomedical research

  • Number of channels:



The Symax Syringe Pump is used to meter fluids in micro or nano litre quantities and features a stepper motor drive, precision carriage, syringe holder set and replaceable syringes.

The stepper motor is connected directly without gears to the drive spindle, so reducing the mechanical play between the drive and the syringe to a minimum. This results in a direct connection between the input pulse signal and liquid output.

Due to the high resolution of 25 600 steps per revolution, the motion of the individual steps is virtually undetectable. The delivery range lies between 0,5 nano litres and 44 ml per minute.

The pump can be used autonomously with a foot switch or integrated into a system.


• Freely selectable syringes with corresponding syringe holder
• Custom syringe versions according to customer requirements
• Stepper Motor
• Controlled via PC software
• Automatic filling cycle (switching via controlled 3-way valve)