cardiology stethoscope / dual-head / Sprague-Rappaport

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cardiology stethoscope / dual-head / Sprague-Rappaport cardiology stethoscope / dual-head / Sprague-Rappaport - CK-649


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    dual-head, Sprague-Rappaport


This stethoscope has been redefined to better align with the needs of users. Additional features guarantee better user experience and also high acoustical perception when used. Accessories that will be used with the device can be conveniently stored in the vinyl wallets for later use. These include both replacement parts and accessories. The patented straight chestpiese twin stem tubing connector is specially engineered to give better acoustic perception. The diaphragms can be easily replaces with the features that the twister thread bells allow. Foreign bodies cannot get into the chestpiece thanks to the presence of the o-rings that are securely placed. These sounds rings also promote better audibility because interferences are not filtered into the device.