automatic cellular screening system
acumen® Cellista

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automatic cellular screening system automatic cellular screening system - acumen® Cellista


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Practical imaging for cell-based assay screening

Bringing the benefits of a high content approach to cell-based assay screening, without the bottlenecks.

Effortless throughput for cell-based screening

get screening straight away
simple to operate, automate and integrate

do more with less
save time and costs through assay miniaturisation

work the way you want to
multi-application and multiplexing versatility

reliability you can depend on
industry-proven throughput >2 million compounds/week

never miss a hit
full library screening capability

delivering data-driven decisions faster
innovative design eliminates screening bottlenecks

Improving the physiological relevance of high throughput screening

Through the simplicity of laser scanning cytometry, acumen Cellista enables full library screening against cell-based assays to ensure you never miss that potential hit. Determine efficacy and identify potential off-target cytotoxic effects early in discovery using this intelligent approach to yes/no decision making.

Raise productivity with a complimentary approach to high content imaging

acumen Cellista provides a simple solution for improving workflow efficiency within hit-to-lead optimisation. Eliminate bottlenecks by moving simple, routine assays from high content imaging devices onto acumen, freeing up your instruments and operators to focus on more complex investigations.

We're revolutionising cell-based assay screening
Available in two models, acumen Cellista and acumen Cellista HP, our instruments address the needs of small and large scale multi-user screening departments.