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SJM Confirm™



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    intensive care

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The SJM Confirm ICM (Implantable Cardiac Monitor) captures valuable data to help physicians to analyse the reasons that lead to abnormal heart rhythms. Medical literature states that Syncope, a disabling condition related with an increased peril of mortality and morbidity, can be diagnosed in about ninety per cent of patients with the help of an implantable monitor.

The integrated SJM Confirm ICM system consists of implantable device that is used for mechanical-triggered event storage, external device known as Patient Activator can also be used. For programming capabilities, data retrieving and communication the patient care system is useful. This is a less invasive device and streamlines implantation. The smallest ICM in the market is #8211 and measures 6.5cc. The longevity is excellent and #8211 stays for three years. For procedures, which are simple, it has subcutaneous electrodes.