stimulation lead guidewire / coronary
CPS Courier™



  • Applications:

    stimulation lead

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The CPS Courier™ Guidewire, from St. Jude Medical, provides LV lead delivery to coronary veins. It also provides flexibility and support in target vein subselection.

The 0.014 inch diameter CPS Courier guidewires, available in soft (DS2G001), medium (DS2G002), firm (DS2G003), and extra firm (DS2G004) models, can overcome any challenge in delivering LV leads to a coronary venous system, besides providing different levels of flexibility and support in LV lead delivery and target vein sub-selection.

The high-tensile, kink-resistant product made of stainless steel, has a radiopaque coil of platinum that ensures visibility. The core of stainless steel ensures control and a torque response of 1:1. The risk of prolapsed is reduced by the transitionless core wire profile.