patient data management system / ECG
Merlin™ PSA

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patient data management system / ECG patient data management system / ECG - Merlin™ PSA


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    patient data

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The equipment, Merlin™ Patient Care System (PCS) has Merlin PSA incorporated within the equipment which features an integrated blueprint and sensitive and easily usable interface. The Merlin PSA, a diagnostic stimulation tool tagged along with the advanced features and advanced potentials. The product has the capability to monitor all three channels namely atrial, right ventricular and left ventricular at the same time helping in a detailed lead analysis which helps the professionals during a critical implant. The professionals need speed and confidence in Lead Placement. The superior technical support is required by physicians to acquire insight in the proper lead placement and fixation for successful procedures. The product ensures precise and quick lead placement which is facilitated by features such as quick application, speed and measurements on a beat-by-beat basis of P/R waves. These characteristics help in correctly mapping lead placement and impedance that fast and precise measurements in order to aid a smooth and efficient implant procedure. The professionals can safely rely on the instrument for precise lead placement that involves a devoted current of injury display.