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animal research pulse oximeter / tabletop / for mice

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animal research pulse oximeter / tabletop / for mice animal research pulse oximeter / tabletop / for mice - MOUSEOX PLUS®


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    for animal research, for mice


The MouseOx Plus is the second generation of the original mouse pulse oximeter and physiological monitor. It is clinically validated and has been used and cited in a multitude of published studies, including Lung Injury and Influenza Models. The MouseOx Plus works on mice, rats and other small animals.

Benefits of Mouse Pulse Oximetry with the MouseOx Plus:
Is Non Invasive
Can be used with:
Anesthetized and conscious subjects
Animal sizes from neonates mice through adult rats
Mice, rats, and other small laboratory animals with pulse rate from 90-900 BPM such as marmosets, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, voles, tree shrews, ferrets, opossum, rabbits
Is MRI compatible sensor available (see MouseOx Plus sensors)
Can monitor up to 16 subjects with one MouseOx Plus (see Multiplexer)
Provides analog output of pulse waveform
The MouseOx Plus provides the following measurements:
Arterial Oxygen Saturation
Heart Rate
Breath Rate
Pulse Distention
Breath Distention
Activity (Optional)