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trolley washer-disinfector / floor-standing / high-capacity / with hot air dryer
LC 70

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trolley washer-disinfector trolley washer-disinfector - LC 70


  • Applications:

    for trolleys

  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:

    high-capacity, with hot air dryer


The Model LC 70 by Steelco is used to clean and thermally disinfect larger items in a medical facility such as operating tables, transport and storage trolleys, and large sterile containers of all types. The usable area of the washing chamber of the LC 70/2 model measures 1000 x 2250 x 2000 mm, while that of the LC 70/3 model is slightly larger, measuring 1000 x 3000 x 2000 mm. The unit’s flat floor ensures safe walking and standing during loading and unloading.

Lateral tilting rails allow water to drip more quickly from items, resulting in faster drying times. Washing ramps are located at the top of the chamber, and oscillating washer ramps are located at the sides of the chamber. Drying is achieved through the use of forced, hot air. An optional feature is an automatic manifold connection enables validated treatment of items with hollow surfaces and surgical instruments,