fibronectin reagents / for tissue cultures / for cell adherence / stem cells



  • Applications:

    for tissue cultures, for cell adherence

  • Type:


  • Sample type:

    stem cells

  • Other characteristics:

    assayed, liquid


Fibronectin is used as a coating agent for coverslips and can also be used with ES-Cult™ Basal Medium-A (Catalog #05801) and ITS Supplement-A (Catalog #07151) or ITS Supplement-B (Catalog #07155) to improve the yield of neural cells during the final stages of mouse embryonic stem cell (mESC) in vitro differentiation into neural cell types. This product has been pre-screened for use with other reagents of the ES-Cult™ product line for optimal performance for the in vitro neural differentiation of mESCs.