cell culture reagents / for cell adherence / stem cells / assayed
CellAdhere™ Laminin-521



  • Applications:

    for cell culture, for cell adherence

  • Sample type:

    stem cells

  • Other characteristics:

    assayed, liquid


CellAdhere™ Laminin-521 is a defined, xeno-free cell culture matrix that supports the long-term maintenance of human embryonic stem (ES) cells and induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells in feeder-free conditions. Using CellAdhere™ Laminin-521 as a cell culture matrix increases single-cell attachment and survival compared to other matrices and does not require the addition of apoptotic inhibitors during plating. (Lu HF et al.; Rodin S et al.; Rodin S et al.) When used with mTeSR™1 (Catalog #85850), TeSR™2 (Catalog #05860) or TeSR™-E8™ (Catalog #05940), the system allows complete control over the culture environment, resulting in consistent cell populations and reproducible results in downstream applications.NOTE: Although it is possible to passage human ES and iPS cells as single cells, this can result in selective pressure that could lead to genetic aberrations. (Draper JS et al.; The International Stem Cell Initiative; Garitaonandia I et al.) If passaging as single cells, check the karyotype frequently.