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CellAdhere™ 07006



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    for cell adherence

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CellAdhere™ Type I Collagen, Aligned-Braided Slides is an engineered scaffold consisting of type I collagen deposited on the surface in a specific manner using a highly controlled process; the purified collagen is printed onto borosilicate glass chips using Fibralign™ Nanoweave™ technology at a thickness of about 1 µm while aligning the collagen fibrils in an exact orientation. As the aligned fibrils are applied to a glass slide, the process is controlled for parameters such as fibril positioning, mechanical strength, structural uniformity, average fibril sizes, and optical characteristics. The braided configuration is intended to closely mimic the organization of collagen fibrils in corneal stroma and some other connective tissues. CellAdhere™ Type I Collagen, Aligned-Braided is provided on 8 x 15 mm glass slides. The label “UP” on the slide indicates the side on which the aligned collagen matrix is provided. Endotoxin level is 0.5 EU/mL or less, as assayed by Limulus Amoebocyte Lysate assay.