ceiling-mounted surgical light / LED

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ceiling-mounted surgical light / LED ceiling-mounted surgical light / LED - HARMONY®


  • Configuration:


  • Light source:


  • Intensity at 1 m:

    160,000 lx


The product provides outstanding visualization by which the outcome of the patient is improved. The illumination in the site of surgery is provided efficiently by the product. The HD suspension which is provided in the product is able to provide high quality signal for all the images. One third of the energy consumption is minimized by the product. There is no requirement of changing the bulb. The light keeps the environment comfortable by keeping it cool providing 34% less heat. With the high performance of the product the detail of the tissue which is exposed can be visible. The luminance of the LED is more than 41% than other products. The color temperature of the product is 4400K which provides absolute white light. With 160,000 lux it offers a bright and large spot. The shadow of hands and heads of the surgeon is eliminated by the 84 beam of light which is overlapped. It has color rendition of high quality. CRI of 97 provides better discrimination of tissues. By R9 value of 96 deep and saturated reds is provided.