MRI system / for full-body tomography / low-field / open
Marcom 0.35T

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MRI system / for full-body tomography / low-field / open MRI system / for full-body tomography / low-field / open - Marcom 0.35T


  • System:

    MRI system

  • Application:

    for full-body tomography

  • Field intensity:


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permanent magnet MRI scanner
Marcom 0.35T is an open 0.35T permanent magnet MRI scanner which supplies fast imaging and high-quality images and provides rich preset scan protocols as well as advanced applications.

Permanent magnet with automatic constant temperature system
Field strength 0.35T
C-shape magnet
Homogeneity ≤2.5ppm
Shimming method Active/Passive/Dynamic
Optimal algorithm of active shimming
Magnet vertical gap 40cm
Accessibility (Horizontal opening angle) >270°
Gradient field strength (Single Axis) 25mT/m
Gradient slew rate (Single Axis) 75mT/m/ms
FOV 20 to 400mm
2D Thickness 1mm
3D thickness 0.1mm
Air cooling gradient system
Fully digital Spectrometer
Digital Transmit and Receive RF system
4 channels RF system
Phase array coil
Dual-voice- patient communication system
patient weight 200Kg
Patient bed laser location system

Pulse sequences

Spin-echo sequence
GRE sequence
IR sequence

Advance imaging technology

Body Imaging
MR Angiography
Diffusion weighted imaging (DWI)
Flow compensation
Gating technology
Pre-saturation technology (PS)
Pre-saturation adjustment technology
Part metal implant scan technology
Multi-layer and multi-angle scanning technology
Optimize bandwidth acquisition technology
Parallel acquisition technology
Section acquisition technology
Oversampling technology
Image fusion technology
Artifact suppression technology
Thin imaging technology
Online image filtration
Scan sequence queuing
Movie playback technology
Post processing package