warming blanket / for surgery units / programmable

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warming blanket / for surgery units / programmable warming blanket / for surgery units / programmable - ASTOPAD®, ASTOPAD® COV


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    for surgery units

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ASTOPAD® is a reusable, flexible patient warming system. The patient can bewarmed all-over from above and below simultaneously.

ASTOPAD: The flexible, conductive and reusable patient warming system is very economical, simple to operate and of great
clinical benefit. As the first module for the reduction of perioperative hypothermia, in routine use, ASTOPAD provides effective and
economical prevention for all surgical patients. It improves safety against negative side effects of operations and contributes to
the general well-being of the patient. It also provides prevention against decubitus when combined with a visco-elastic operating
table pad or ASTOGEL gel pad.

Two ASTOPAD applied parts can be independently controlled using the ASTOPAD
DUO310 control unit. The patient can be
simultaneously warmed from above and
below. The temperature setting in the range
from 32 - 39°C can be individually set in precise 0.5°C steps for each applied part. All
high and low temperature alarms are continuously monitored by the control unit. The
illuminated display and simple operation
ensure safe use of the ASTOPAD patient
warming system.
ASTOPAD DUO310 control units are prepared for battery operation and can optionally be operated with an integratable,
rechargeable battery.
The heat is generated by a 24 Volt protective
low voltage for all ASTOPAD applied parts,
using a net of carbon fibre which is permeable
to X-rays. 4 or 8 temperature sensors are
distributed close to the patient in the applied
part. These ensure precise temperature control and monitoring of all of the alarm functions
of the ASTOPAD patient warming system.