stretcher mattress / gel / anti-decubitus
ComfortGel SE

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stretcher mattress / gel / anti-decubitus stretcher mattress / gel / anti-decubitus - ComfortGel SE


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    for stretchers

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Stretcher Support SurfaceTransforming the standard of stretcher support surfacesExperience gel technology.ComfortGel SE was designed with the overall patient experience in mind and has specific features to help redistribute pressure and enhance patient comfort.The surface’s incorporation of gel provides immersion – meaning ComfortGel SE can effectively absorb and redistribute patient weight for added protection and pressure injury prevention.Innovation. Inside and out.Experience the value of gel technology. It’s true: Pressure injuries can begin in as little as the first two hours* of a patient’s admittance into a clinical setting. They pose a serious threat and should be treated as such.With the aforementioned knowledge of the severity of pressure injuries in mind, we designed ComfortGel SE with specific features to aid in treatment and prevention. Most important of these features, is gel.