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pedicle screw positioning system

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pedicle screw positioning system pedicle screw positioning system - MANTIS


Mantis Spinal SystemThis system features standard and réduction cannulated screws with a design rooted in the foundationof the Xia Spinal System. Features of this system include a cortical cancellous thread pattern, a tulipthat accepts both 05.5 and 06.0mm rods in both titanium alloy and cobalt chrome, sturdy rings thatallow direct visualization of the tulip during rod insertion, and the ability to contour the rod to thepatient's anatomy using the rod contouring shafts and links.•Facilitâtes a true percutaneous approach and requires only stab incisions for screw insertion•Scalable for degenerative and multi-level deformity procédures•Allows direct visualization of rod while seating in the tulips•Précisé rod contouring prior to rod insertion allows you to bend the rod to fit the patient's anatomy•Surgeon-controlled rod insertion