manual melting point instrument / analog
EW-03013-60, EW-03013-61



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The SMP11 Analogue Melting Point Apparatus is an easy to read device and is perfectly suited for teaching environments.The SMP11 Analogue Melting Point Apparatus ships with a filled safe spirit thermometer and an economical price tag. The spirit is light blue in color and is not harmful in the event of breakage or leakage. The instructions are printed in most European languages directly on the apparatus. The heating rate can be adjusted manually and can be configured to heat up to 20°C per minute and a maximum of 250°C.

The SMP11 Analogue Melting Point Apparatus is capable of viewing and testing three samples simultaneously. The bright white LED light illuminates the samples, making it easy to view with a magnifying lens. The magnifying lens can be removed for easy cleaning with the easy to follow instructions.