laboratory water purifier / reverse osmosis / electrodeionization / microfiltration
Select Fusion



  • Applications:


  • Purification technique:

    reverse osmosis, electrodeionization, microfiltration, UV, ion exchange


The purpose of building the Select Fusion is to meet the requirements of analytical and life science applications, which needs a small quantity of ultrapure water to 18.2MΩ.cm from a mains supply, generally up to 50 liters per day along with the supply of purified water for normal laboratory use. Within a particular, durable and compact device, lots of facilities come together for the users. It is a self-contained device which has dual quality system to incorporate pre-treatment, reverse osmosis, UV photo-oxidation, ion exchange and sub-micron filtration technology. Along with this huge range of benefits, The Select Fusion gets more upgraded with EDI technology by replacing the traditional ion-exchange treatment. It obtains a superior quality LCD that illustrates system status, including water quality, TOC, temperature and flow rates. Inclusion of the visual and audible alarms makes the device more up-to-date whereas the standard RS232 port contributes in downloading event data. The instrument provides take-off through either an ultrapure water dispenser or a separate bib tap. When the device is not utilized, the automatic circulation improves the water quality.