RNA library preparation reagent kit / NGS
R1024, R1096

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RNA library preparation reagent kit RNA library preparation reagent kit - R1024, R1096


  • Applications:

    NGS, for RNA library preparation


The Swift RNA Library Kit offers a fast, robust NGS transcriptomics workflow with optimal transcript coverage and NGS data quality from a broad range of input quantities for Illumina® sequencing platforms. Leveraging patented Adaptase® technology, this kit enables stranded RNA library construction directly from 1st strand cDNA without the requirement for 2nd strand cDNA synthesis and degradation, or template-switching methods. The kit is compatible with manual and automated workflows as well as upstream and downstream enrichment and depletion methods and supports a variety of indexing options.

Superior Data: High mapping rates, genes detected, and transcript coverage
Accommodates your Samples with a Single Kit: Consistent performance from 10 ng – 1 μg total RNA or 100 pg – 100 ng mRNA input
Robust Performance: Consistent libraries with minimal adapter dimers and no adapter titration required for all supported inputs
Save Time, Reduce Costs, Automate: Go from RNA to library in 4.5 hours; variety of index options including 96 UDIs and up to 768 combinatorial dual indexing; automation-friendly

Reproducible Outputs with Minimal Dimers and No Adapter Titration

Swift’s Adaptase technology allows for minimal adapter dimers with NO need for adapter titration. Compared to leading RNA library kits which can produce libraries with > 10% adapter dimers and require cumbersome adapter titration steps, the Swift RNA Library Kit produces <1% adapter dimers and maintains ligation efficiency at all supported input levels.

Libraries were prepared using both kits from the same quantity of input material and subjected to the same number of cycles of library amplification.