MRI system / for brain tomography / medium-field
Evry™ 0.5T

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MRI system / for brain tomography / medium-field MRI system / for brain tomography / medium-field - Evry™ 0.5T


  • System:

    MRI system

  • Application:

    for brain tomography

  • Field intensity:



Everywhere for everyone

Evry is currently not cleared as a medical device by the United States Food and Drug Administration, Health Canada or any other regulatory bodies. Please contact Synaptive Medical for more information on regulatory clearance for this product.

In situations where every second counts, Evry holds the potential to bring MRI closer to the patient to support faster and earlier detection of neurological deficits.

The preference for MR imaging of stroke, brain cancer, trauma and dementia over any other medical imaging modality has been well studied and documented. The overarching challenge for wider utilization of MRI has been accessibility in both critical and acute situations. Evry has been carefully designed to overcome many of the challenges of cost effectiveness, and workflow optimization to support point-of-care MR imaging.

Technical Specifications

Midfield MRI: 0.5T Superconducting magnet
Open system: 60cm bore to provide an open space with the intent to help reduce claustrophobia
Short bore length: 1.03 m designed to reduce how far a patient enters the system with an intent to reduce anxiety
Multichannel head coil: 16 channel head coil with patient specific customized fitting intended to optimize image quality
High performance gradients: Asymmetric gradient design to produce 100 mT/m @ 400 T/m/s on each axis to achieve more time efficient pulse sequence encoding
Fully digital receive chain: Directly sampled signal without mixing to an intermediate frequency in order to reduce overall image noise