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The RAY Knee Holder System is especially designed for Total Knee Arthroplasty workshops and trainings. This system holds various SYNBONE® Knee and Single Bone Models with Notch in a surgical position. This compact system guarantees a standardized education concept and convinces in quality and performance. The unique notch holders prevent the bones from slipping or moving while surgeons practice various procedures for the total knee replacement. The RAY Knee Holder System also allows medical device manufacturers an effective demonstration of their Total Knee Replacement devices.

Features and benefits
• Easy and fast setup
• Accessible from 3 sides (medial/lateral/frontal)
• Stepless flexion and extension from 0 – 135°
• No slipping or moving of the bones
• Firm hold during the exercise
• Tibial external alignment thanks to soft tissue foot
• Maintenance free / easy to clean
• Solid transportation case allows easy handling

Various table mounting positions
The RAY Knee Holder System is accessible from 3 sides (medial / lateral / frontal) and can be attached to the table with the RAY Knee Holder C-clamps 0027.19 (optional).

SYNBONE® Bone Models with Notch
The specially designed SYNBONE® Bone Models with Notch are the solution for total knee replacement trainings. The Notch guarantees a firm hold during the exercise.
SYNBONE's product portfolio covers a large variety of femur, tibia and knee models in different sizes.

Flexible adjustment
The RAY Knee Holder System allows a stepless flexion and extension positioning from 0 - 135°. The system can also be used to check the range of motion of a test prosthesis

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