modular laboratory automation system / for hematology analyzers



  • Applications:

    for hematology analyzers

  • Other characteristics:



Seamless scalability: highly flexible workflow and configuration options
Multi-location networking options
Uninhibited workflow from routine to specialised testing
Fully integrated slide maker & stainer and (optional) digital imaging module
Optional pre-sorting, sorting and archiving module for discrete rack management with TS-10 and integration* of ESR and HbA1C

Sample and validation workflows were never as easy to implement as with the XN-Series’ automation solutions. Modularity and scalability are not just buzzwords, but a reality our customers experience every day. Based on an in-depth analysis of your individual situation, we develop a tailored solution around your prime needs. By initially selecting individual analytical modules, clinical applications and sample routing optimisation, you get the most efficient sample processing system on the smallest footprint. Intelligent sample routing and real-time reflex decisions guarantee the best possible TAT for all samples.

The result: when the sample is presented to you in the validation screen, you can be sure that the information needed to judge the results was already generated by the system, even in several cascading steps.

Its fundamental components include at least two XN analysis modules, plus at least one slide maker /stainer module, the SP-50. As customer situations and needs vary significantly, we offer the XN-9100 in different core configurations, all of which are modular and scalable to best suit individual needs.