virtual dissection table / anatomy / rectangular / on casters
TBK 43 Taiwan Main Orthopaedic Biotechnology Co. Ltd, Tai



  • Type:

    anatomy, virtual dissection

  • Shape:


  • Other characteristics:

    on casters


Generally used as demo kit for the demonstration of the range of products.
Generally used for exhibitions and classrooms of medical institutes where every
student is given one table for the hands on experience
Due to small size, the product is conveniently movable from one place to another
without need for special transportation.
TBK 43 gives a glimpse of the product range with varied technical specifications.
Asclepius TBK-43
•Screen Size: 43lnch
•Dimension: 107cm(L) x 36.5cm(W) x 32.5cm(H)
•Résolution: 3840 x 1080(HD)
•Weight ofstand: 31kg
Virtual Dissection Table that simulates full anatomical structures for surgical planning and educational purposes. Collects any form of X-ray images and regenerates them into 3D models just in 20 seconds. Enables virtual surgeries by simulating dataset gath-ered from real patients. The surgical simulation which combines all kinds of surgical instruments. Result of the simulations can be printed out with 3D printer.

Preoperative simulation, surgical planning.
The best simulation resuit and display to Smart Surgical Glasses.
Converts simulation results into 3D models that can be printed out.