hospital door handle / polypropylene / antibacterial
AP-44 Series

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hospital door handle / polypropylene / antibacterial hospital door handle / polypropylene / antibacterial - AP-44 Series


  • Applications:

    hospital door

  • Options:

    polypropylene, antibacterial


Specially selected synthetic zeolite (aluminosilicate) is treated with highly antibacterial metal ions, for a non-organic antibacterial agent superior to organic agents in safety, durability, and heat resistance.
Contains 5% antibacterial agent for 99% reduction of coli bacteria, Staphylococcus aureus, mold, and other bacteria.
Keeps a semi-permanent antibacterial effect and uses a safe, non-organic antibacterial agent.
Uses lightweight polypropylene resin with excellent heat and chemical resistance.
Choose from two types of both-side securing (AP-44-W) and one-side securing (AP-44-S).
Can be replaced with other large-sized metallic handles if installation pitch is 425mm.

Material: Handle: Antibacterial agent
kneading, polypropylene (PP).
Bracket: Free cutting brass bar (C3602BD)
Finish: Bracket: Satellite chrome plating (MBCr)
Standard color: Ivory and black
Working load: 980N
Heatdeflection temperature: 120°C
Accessories: Screws M6 X 80/90[AP-44-W]

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