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air filtration system air filtration system - CR-Serie


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    for healthcare facilities, for clean rooms

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Ideal for clean rooms
The CR series is suitable for contamination-free use in highly sensitive manufacturing processes. The systems are compact and easy to integrate everywhere. They provide functionality and safety when using low-contamination materials, both in clean room cabins (ISO 14644) and in clean rooms (VDA 19 or ISO 16232). They meet the increasing product and quality requirements due to the contamination-free filter change up to ISO Class 5 (DIN EN ISO 14646-1).

Features and functions
Modular attachment, flexible usage and comfortable handling

Contamination-free filter change
The filter cartridges contain the suction pipe and the extendible protective tubing. When the pipe is disconnected, the protective tubing can be extended to cover the point of disconnection. That shields the filter cartridges' air inlet from dust. After sealing the protective plastic film, the filter can be removed without contamination.

Different filter cartridges
Open air inlet tied or welded by a protective hose
Contamination-free filter removal
Removal of the filter by prior sealing of the plastic protective film

Suitable for Hazardous Substances
Entirely meets all requirements for a safe extraction.

Extract all hazardous materials, mixtures/compositions or products completely and safely.
No toxic gases or fumes can leak the system.
These systems can extract even easily flammable or explosive materials completely.
The filters keep the extracted particles safely, so they cannot leave into the ambient air.

Captures any harmful particles
Pollutants have no chance.

Low-contamination dust disposal
Molecular sieve against gaseous pollutants
Pipes /flexible hose/extraction arm