radiography system / digital / analog / for multipurpose radiography
Amadeo Z



  • System type:

    radiography system

  • Technology:

    digital, analog

  • Application:

    for multipurpose radiography

  • Features:

    without table, with swiveling tube stand


Digital X-ray with fully motorised U-arm system for low ceiling heights

The product is used in low ceiling heights and it saves space. The number of steps for processing is minimized which saves time and the financial and personal resources. The fully integrated system comes with digital version including wireless and fixed flat panels. The product is a DR system which is fully motorized. The positioning of the U-arm can be adjusted easily in very less time. For effortless and perfect positioning four electric motors is equipped with the stand. For the positioning of patient in prone, standing and sitting the system can be changed. An optional table is provided. The alignment of the digital receptor and the collimator in any position is enabled by the sophisticated design of the product.

Three versions of the Amadeo Z X-ray system are available:

Amadeo Z-DR:
with built-in CsI X-ray detector (43 cm x 43 cm)

Amadeo Z-DRw:
with a mobile and wireless CsI X-ray detector (35 cm x 43 cm)

Amadeo Z-AX:
without an X-ray detector and for use with CR systems or film cassettes