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Amadeo M mini



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Wireless, digital X-ray imaging with a lightweight and portable complete solution for ambulatory and inpatient care

The advanced design of the Amadeo M mini series is characterised by a sophisticated reduction to essential components and functional operating elements. The system is designed for both portable use and bedside examinations in hospital intensive care units. The Amadeo M mini can easily be transported due to its low overall weight and compact build.
The Amadeo M mini system includes all necessary components such as X-ray detector, X-ray generator and image processing workstation. The latter is delivered with our globally proven acquisition and diagnostic software package that includes a convenient X-ray positioning guide for fine adjustments (except for AX version).

With the compact Amadeo M mini system, it is possible to obtain X-ray images not only of the extremities, but of all regions of the trunk, including thorax, spinal cord, abdomen and pelvis. Our modern digital X-ray system can be employed whenever it is not possible to quickly transfer patients to a hospital for diagnostic radiology.

Two versions of the Amadeo M mini system are available:

Amadeo M-DRw mini:
Mobile X-ray system with wireless X-ray detector

Amadeo M-AX mini:
Mobile X-ray system for use with film or CR cassettes or existing DR system without generator control