veterinary tecar therapy unit / for equines / on casters



  • Type:

    veterinary tecar therapy unit

  • Type of animal:

    for equines

  • Ergonomics:

    on casters


Deep Cellular and Tissue Micro-Massage for Animals
The innovative technology of 5 ACTIONS has proven its effectiveness in improving the quality of life of both the animal and its owner, so that today is considered by many veterinarians a technique used daily.

The evolution of Physical therapy

The 5 ACTIONS is a medical device designed and developed specifically for the treatment of painful and traumatic diseases of pets and horses.
The self-adaptive technology of 5 ACTIONS, allows cellular
mechanisms of tissue self-repair activation and has immediate anti-pain, anti-inflammatory and decontracting action.

The 5 ACTIONS is based upon the principle that foresees the increase of microcirculation and vasodilation with oxygenation supply increase to the tissues and hemolymphatic drainage which in turn stimulates cellular metabolism and normal activation of tissue repair systems.

In this way pain reduction and elimination of substances is achieved.
The 5 ACTIONS device is based on a unique and patented self - adaptive diathermic system, which allows tissues to be energized selectively.
The real time biofeedback of the reaction between the energy transferred and the
tissue response, provides a treatment that allows simultaneously to carry out both the diagnostic evaluation and the proper therapy parameters modulation .