foot-operated sandblaster / 2-tank / precision

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foot-operated sandblaster / 2-tank / precision foot-operated sandblaster / 2-tank / precision - AL-200


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Ideal for micro sandblasting with abrasive aluminum oxide and glass balls by a jet point shape like a pencil that removes the remains of coating, oxidize in the metals and to clean the interior side of the ceramic crowns.

On the top it has a glass door that offers an excellent view of the work area.

Has an electrical command pedal to activate the equipment.

Include two metallic deposits connected each one with a pencil that allows to store different abrasives types and measures The equipment works with a switch to select the pencil to use.

Air regulator and manometer to modify the work pressure and a cyclonic filter to eliminate the humidity and the entrance of oils in the air connection.

Universal connector to install an aspiration unit.

The equipment connection to the compressed air line is of 6 mm.

Includes a nylon tube to connect the equipment to the air line and plastic glass protectors.