laboratory hood / for biohazards / exhaust / laminar flow
BIOLAF plus series



  • Applications:

    laboratory, for biohazards

  • Function:


  • Other characteristics:

    laminar flow, with HEPA filter


BioLAF Plus biohazard laminar flow hoods

Biohazard vertical laminar flow hood, class II A (if provided with the outlet exaust adapter fitting, Class A/B3). The hood is TÜV certified, according to UNI EN 12469. The cabinet has been projected for the global protection of the operator, the product and the environment.
The cabinet Bio LAF is a vertical laminar flow with partial air recycle (ca. 70%) through HEPA filter and partial air exaust (ca. 30%) of the treated air, through a second motor-fan and the HEPA filter, with protective air curtain for the operator through the entrance on the front opening, without crossing the working plain thus avoiding the contamination of the product.