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EDGE M-300-P

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temperature sensor temperature sensor - EDGE M-300-P


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EDGE M-300-P Extended Temperature Range Sensors
EDGE™ M-300-P sensor is a reusable Bluetooth®-enabled sensor and datalogger with an extended temperature range for monitoring temperature-sensitive products during shipment or in storage
Extreme Temperature Range Monitoring

With an external temperature probe, the EDGE M-300-P sensor offers many of the same benefits as the EDGE M-300 – but with an extended temperature range of -200 to +200°C (-328 to +392°F). A magnetic backing makes it easy to place inside containers and other metal enclosures for shipping while traditional screw holes allow it to be mounted to the wall of facility equipment.

The Bluetooth wireless connectivity of the EDGE M-300-P sensor means data can be read through containers and coolers as well as trucks, refrigerators and freezers to maintain the environmental integrity of the product throughout transit or storage. Three LED status lights provide visual confirmation of connection and notification of alarms..