electric stimulator / hand-held / TENS / EMS

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electric stimulator / hand-held / TENS / EMS electric stimulator / hand-held / TENS / EMS - Flexistim


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    electric stimulator

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Flexistim is a powerful and versatile multitherapy device, combining TENS, EMS, IFT and Microcurrent treatment into one single unit.

Four different treatment modes enables Flexistim to enhance and accelerate healing and provide pain relief for both Hospital and Home Healthcare Environments.

Flexistim is a multitherapy unit that can be used both in a professional environment and at home to treat a variety of conditions including arthritis, joint pain, sciatica, spondylitis, Rheumatoid arthritis and Osteoarthritis, muscle strains and injuries and provides general pain relief without the need for drugs.

Electrical impulses are sent through self-adhesive electrode pads which are placed on the skin around the area of pain. The impulses work in different ways to combat aches, pains and strains to provide much needed relief when you need it most.

Flexistimmultitherapy unit combines 4 different treatment modes to provide versatility and flexibility for users:

1. TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) relieves pain by helping the body to release natural painkillers called endorphins and by blocking pain signals to the brain.

2. EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) is a widely recognised method of treatment for pain relief and muscle rehabilitation, which works by producing intensive muscular contraction in order to react with specific nerves supplying a particular muscle group.

3. IFT (Interferential Therapy) delivers continuous stimulation deep into the tissue providing relief for deep seated pain and can reduce swelling and inflammation which can often be the source of the pain.