ultrasound lipolysis skin care unit / trolley-mounted



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    ultrasound lipolysis

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Ultrasounds to combat excessive body fat

Cavit2 has been designed to effectively and quickly reduce the volume of localised fat and cellulite, applying the cavitation process on the adipose tissue, by applying a 40 KHz ultrasound, providing a complete body treatment as it reduces cellulite as well as reducing localised fat.

The cavitation ruptures the adipose cell membrane and helps the fats, now released from their membranes, transform into shorter chains of fatty acids making them easier to metabolise and be naturally eliminated.

When this technique is combined with our phyto-reducing gel the cellulite nodules are released, the cellulite is softened and the perimeter of the areas treated is reduced.


CAVIT 2 is indicated for reducing a build up of fat and cellulite on thighs, arms abdomen and buttocks. Painless and non-invasive, it is very effective for reducing localised fat and cellulite and improving the skin tone.

Safe and effective, and easy to use its excellent quality-price ratio makes it one of the most profitable machines on the market. With visible effects from the first session, it can be combined with the most technically advanced Termosalud equipments, such as SYMMED, to achieve the PERFECT BODYTECH treatment, a unique and comprehensive therapy.