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    cryolipolysis body contouring

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Criowave is the latest advance in reducing unwanted fat and cellulite. It is a state-of-the-art non-invasive treatment that is highly effective as it combines the two most innovative techniques on the market with the best results for reducing localised fat and cellulite: Cryoliporeduction and Dermo-correction (acoustic shock waves).

The Cryoliporeduction technique crystallises and gradually dissolves the adipose tissue. The Dermo-correction manages to rupture the fibrotic walls of cellulite and, simultaneously, helps to break the adipocyte down thereby making the results quicker, without causing any damage to the surrounding tissues, which are much less sensitive to the effect of the cold.

The main objective of the Cryoliporeduction is to generate, thanks to the application of cold, an inflammation of the subcutaneous fatty tissue in order to stimulate cell apoptosis and thereby selectively destroy the adipocytes or fat cells. This way we can reduce, in a non invasive way, the thickness of the fat layer. The objective of the dermo-correction (acoustic shock waves) is to induce the regeneration of collagen, the neo formation of connective tissue and to selectively and temporarily increase cell permeability to reduce cellulite and improve the appearance of the skin affected.


Criowave is a painless treatment designed to reduce localised fat and cellulite on the abdomen, arms, the sides of the body, thighs and buttocks. It is suitable for men as well as for women, provided they do not suffer from obesity.