blood bag tube thermosealer / manual / hand-held

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blood bag tube thermosealer / manual / hand-held blood bag tube thermosealer / manual / hand-held - T-SEAL


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    for blood bag tubes

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Save Time With This Versatile Handheld Tubing Sealer
Create dependable tubing seals quickly and easily, wherever you need them, at the donor chair and beyond.

Compact design slips easily into your lab coat pocket
Intelligent sensor automatically adjusts the sealing process based on the tubing material and diameter
Device displays sealing status, so you know when your seal is complete
Delivers approximately 1,500 seals per charge
Device fully charges in about three hours
Designed for use with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA) tubing
Accommodates PVC tubing up to 6.2 mm (0.24 in) outer diameter and EVA tubing up to 5.4 mm (0.21 in) outer diameter
How It Works
Create dependable tubing seals on the go in just a few steps
Place the tubing in the slot of the T-SEAL Mobile.
Check that the tubing is positioned between the electrodes in the slot.
Squeeze the trigger to bring the two electrodes closer together until the orange seal indicator light is no longer illuminated.
When the seal indicator light goes out, the sealing process is complete.
Remove the tubing and separate the two sides of the seal by pulling on both sides of the tube.