cell culture bioreactor / for scientific research

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cell culture bioreactor / for scientific research cell culture bioreactor / for scientific research - Quantum®


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    for cell culture, for scientific research


Automated cell culture: product confidence, process scalability.
Whether you are working in academic research, translational research or with commercial applications, if your work depends on cell culture, you may want to explore how Quantum could benefit your lab.

Quantum is an automated platform designed to simplify the open, labor-intensive tasks associated with manual cell culture.


The Quantum process is functionally closed, reproducible and scalable. The flexible system allows your cell culture process to be optimized and configured to match the needs of your particular cell type. Quantum maintains a consistent and controlled environment, automating critical processes such as feeding cells, removing waste and exchanging gases until it is time to harvest your cells.

The combination of cell culture protocol flexibility and process automation can provide a significant advantage over flask-based methods, making Quantum ideal for a range of production scenarios, from benchtop research to current good manufacturing practice (cGMP) commercial manufacturing.


At Terumo BCT, we have earned a reputation for excellent customer service, deep expertise and a long history of helping a wide range of customers achieve their goals. Let us help you find greater success with Quantum.
Gain Product Confidence With a Reproducible Process
As cell therapy advances toward commercialization, the demand for a consistent and effective product increases.