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portable veterinary doppler

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portable veterinary doppler portable veterinary doppler - DOG+


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Meets the requirements for ISFM Cat Friendly Clinic accreditation

For those dogs who won't tolerate having their Blood Pressure taken with a BP system marked CAT+, or they prefer green to blue!

After 15 years of building dopplers primarily for Cats we have now introduced the new DOG+ Doppler for BP and anaesthesia monitoring specifically for Dogs. The DOG+ does everything the CAT+ does but instead of having a size 1 cuff it comes with a big dog size 6 as standard. So everything you need straight from the box in a beautiful green colour DOG+ Doppler BP System... not just for dogs.

The DOG+ Doppler is the heart of the DOG+ BP kit, but you don't have to have a whole kit to benefit. As well as taking blood pressure in clinics many of our clients simply tape the DOG+ on and listen to their patients pulse during anaesthesia.