DICOM viewing software / post-processing / for DICOM files / for PACS



  • Function:

    DICOM viewing, post-processing

  • Application domain:

    for DICOM files, for PACS

  • Medical establishment:

    for radiology services, for surgery units

  • Other characteristics:

    web-based, for tablet PC, for smartphones


Anywhere Imaging : The power of a post-processing workstation available everywhere, without changing the PACS.

Efficiency : Anywhere deploys the power of a post-processing workstation on all hospital's devices. The PACS is kept to store and archive images. An overlay: connected to the PACS as a simple workstation! More than 60 simultaneous clients can be managed by a single server. Ultra fast: more than 2000 im/s. Compatible with 100% of PACS on the market. Medical collaboration with secure remote access and shared sessions.

How does it work: It diffuses images using streaming technology from a central node to apps, light or heavy clients.