pressure tester / flow / for respiratory ventilators / for medical devices



  • Tested parameter:

    pressure, flow

  • Applications:

    for respiratory ventilators, for medical devices


Ultrasonic medical ventilator tester, PC based
General description
VentiTHOR is a multi-path ultrasonic ventilator tester with a proprietary Idegen Technology® algorithm processing.
It is capable to measure medical ventilation parameters: flow, volume, pressure, time. The instantaneous flow, volume and pressure values are being drawn on three separated graphs on a PC screen.
Idegen Technology™ ultrasonic flow and volume measurement, a combined molar mass and volumetric sensor technology
Built-in automatic internal calibration, less than 0,1 sec auto-calibration time
High reliability, no moving parts
USB PC Software interface, ergonomic PC Software
Extendable built-in pressure sensor
Flow measurement principleIdegen Technology® ultrasonic multiple-path
Sensor tube diameter22 mm
Device Weight300 gramm
Dead space5,8 mL
Flow accuracy2 mL/sec or 2 % of reading
Flow Range+- 8 L/Sec
Pressure Rangefrom 0 to 7,25 psi (0-500 mbar)
Digital sampling rate100 MHz
Flow Sampling Rate200 Hz
Interface typeUSB
Device dimensions85 x 120 x 35 mm
Power SupplyUSB 5 V
Measured parameters
Peak and Instaneous Pressure
Peep (Pressure min)
Pressure inspiratory Max
Inspiratory and Expiratory Peak Flow
Inspired / Expired Volume Minute
Inspiratory / Expiratory Tidal Volume
Breath Rate
Automatic USB connection detection (Plug-and-Play).
Firmware upgrade option via Internet.
Automatic internal calibration.
Easy upgrade, standard interface, additional sensor boards attachable.
VentiTHOR Ultrasonic Ventilator Tester, connected to a portable medical ventilator