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SCP -SA7985

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training software / for electrophysiology / automated training software / for electrophysiology / automated - SCP -SA7985


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    for electrophysiology

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SCP - Slow Cortical Potentials Suite - SA7985
The SCP Suite is a complete training system for clinicians wanting to add the benefits of Slow Cortical Potentials training into their practice. By combining pioneering research & decades of clinical experience into one simple package, the SCP Suite brings all of the benefits of SCP training to you.

From a complex science, to a simple solution.
Reliably extracting Slow Cortical Potentials from raw EEG is a complex science. Each event-triggered SCP must be measured with millisecond accuracy & properly controlled for artifacts. Anything less is simply unreliable. Using state-of-the-art technology, the SCP Suite ensures that recorded SCPs are of the highest quality.

Fully-automated program
Peer-reviewed protocols
Research-grade accuracy
Simple, affordable & easy-to-use system
Training EEG, bi-directionally!
The SCP Suite teaches self-regulation of Slow Cortical Potentials in both directions enabling learning of activation as well as inhibition of overall neural activity. The SCP Suite’s fully-automated & bidirectional protocols will empower your clients to gain confident control over their general brain state.