veterinary workstation

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veterinary workstation veterinary workstation - Vetls


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Purpose:Functional furniture for waiting rooms, hospitals, manipulation and preoperative rooms of veterinary clinics.Functionality:Ability to work simultaneously from 1 to 4 physicians in one roomSaving every meter in small veterinary clinics and centersUnique equipment for preoperative animal preparationSaving of a doctor’s working time during the practiceAll you need is within walking distanceWorkplace is supported with video system to keep the quality standards of staff employmentAesthetic design of equipmentTechnical characteristics:Small tower: 2100 x 640 x 640 cm, 3 glass shelves for medicinesBig tower:2450 х 640 х 640 cm, 5 shelves for medicines with 3 sides of the tower, built in refrigerator for vaccines, lights around the perimeter of the tower. The mechanism of rotation of the upper part of the tower for the convenience of using the tower in all working areas of the island.Tables: 1550 х 900 х 610 cm; 1250 х 900 х 610 cmSurface:1 - stainless steel;2 - bath with a perforated stainless steel plate and with a sliding plate made of stainless steel, which allows maximum functionality with the table, and to increase the size of the table when receiving large animals.Functional cabinets for veterinary medicines, supplies, and tools.Retractable box litter and veterinary waste.Material: water-resistant laminated plywood, water-resistant laminated chipboard.