leg pedal exerciser / seated
FS 960

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leg pedal exerciser / seated leg pedal exerciser / seated - FS 960


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Pedal exerciser is designed for patients with contracture or muscular atrophy caused by long-lasting immobilization in a plaster or by surgery. The pedal exerciser is also used in rehabilitation process of patients who require restoration of motor functions and re-learning of correct mobility model lost by damage of neurological system. It can be used in hospitals, rehabilitation centres, and at home as a devise for rehabilitation or individual recreation.

The exerciser is equipped with resistance adjustment, so that it is possible to adopt the exerciser to the fitness of limbs and progress in rehabilitation.

Product characteristics:

powder coated steel frame
long lever of torque
resistance strap mechanism
wide range of resistance adjustment
four anti-sliding pads
Velcro straps for feet
available in black or white colour

The pedal exerciser is not foldable.