shoulder splint / with waist support strap
TGO-C OB 305



  • Type:

    shoulder splint

  • Options:

    with waist support strap



Arm and shoulder immobilizer is made of light and air permeable foamed fabric with perforation. It consists of an anatomically profiled material and a colour-marked system of Velcro which allows right or left application.

The immobilizer is made of durable and non-stretchable materials yet air permeable ones which provide high comfort of use.

It stabilizes shoulder, glenohumeral and elbow joints in relief position and ensures reduction of post-injury or post-surgical period.

Indications for use:

twists and dislocations of acromioclavicular, arm, elbow and sternoclavicular joints
fractures of collarbone, humerus or shoulder blade
in acute and chronic pain syndromes
in degeneration requiring immobilization and relief of the limb
in preventive and post-surgical treatment