access needle catheter / venous / single-lumen / human
Tipro-One P

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access needle catheter / venous / single-lumen / human access needle catheter / venous / single-lumen / human - Tipro-One P


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The Tipromed Tipro-One P peripheral venous safety catheter with closed system is for the extemporaneous and continuous administration of solutions, fluids and drugs by means of injectors, pumps and gravity.
Designed to minimize needlestick injuries and exposure to blood during insertion, the needle is fitted with a passive-type safety mechanism, which is activated automatically during needle extraction and avoids the risk of accidental punctures.
But the real revolution in terms of safety, is given by the presence of a pre-assembled system consisting of a catheter, extension line and connector equipped with an air vent filter creating a closed path for fluids, designed to minimize the potential for contamination.
Moreover, the distance of the end connector from the catheter’s insertion site limits the catheter's movement and its displacement in the vessel to a minimum, contributing to the reduction of complications such as phlebitis and, in turn, increasing the device’s permanence in vein time. This means that the catheter will have to be replaced less frequently, with a cascading series of positive effects, such as increasing the patient's comfort and the reduction of the cost associated with each cannulation.
As illustrated in the special sections, Tipro-One P is quite a versatile catheter: its certificate is, actually, for subcutaneous use as well as intravenous use, it can be used at high pressures and therefore with injectors, it is compatible with the main contrast agents and chemotherapy drugs, and finally,