compression socks / unisex
ELAST 0401 Amber



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    compression socks

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ELAST 0401 Amber

Elastic medical compression long socks with toecap, using polyamide composite threads with amber microparticles, unisex

designed for prevention, rehabilitation and treatment of chronic venous insufficiency, ”heavy foot” syndrome and oedema, also recommended for foot and ankle varicose veins. It stimulates the growth of collagen fibres in the human body – in the skin, ligaments, blood vessels and bones; It improves capillary circulation and blood microcirculation; It supports antimicrobial balance and improves immunity; It extends the life of cells and restores the intracellular processes.

Structure of raw material: polyamide – 55%, composite polyamide threads with amber microparticles – 28%, lycra – 17%.

Height: 1,2 Size: 2,3,4,5 Compression class - prophylactic (10-18 mm Hg).