anti-embolism pantyhose / unisex
ELAST 0403-01 LUX

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anti-embolism pantyhose / unisex anti-embolism pantyhose / unisex - ELAST 0403-01 LUX
  • Anti-embolism pantyhose / unisex


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    anti-embolism pantyhose

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ELAST 0403-01 LUX

Medical compressive mono-stockings without toecap, with fastener on the waistline, unisex

designed for prevention and treatment of chronic venous insufficiency, "heavy foot” syndrome and oedema. Recommended for those who have to spend a long period of time standing or walking. Also recommended for shin and thigh varicose veins and applied as an alternative for men’s stockings. Two types - for the right and left foot.

Structure of raw material: polyamide – 80%, lycra – 20%.

Height: 1,2 Size: 2,3,4,5 Compression class: I class (18-21 mm Hg); II class (23-32 mm Hg).